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Panasonic RZ-S500WE True Wireless Earphones hands on review


There are a lot of wireless earphones out there already. But Apple’s Airpods Pro has achieved active noise cancelling perfection with great audio. Panasonic dares to challenge Apple with their own- the Panasonic RZ-S500WE High Performance Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earphones. How does it fare on daily use? Read on our review.


The earbuds are encased in this treasure chest like casing that looks elegant. The case has a battery that can juice up the earbuds several times. The eabuds themselves are quite big but surprisingly the eartips fits perfectly in our ears. There are other several eartip sizes depeding the size of your ear. Putting it on does not feel cumbersome in the ear. Even if using it for long hours, it doesn’t strain your ear canal. It is very comfortable in the ears.

The earbuds have gesture controls. A long press can activate or deactivate the active noise cancellation feature. Swiping up and down can adjust the volume. We admit these are really cool features and very useful indeed.


Being true to its highlight features, the device produces great audio especially when the active noise cancellation is turned on. Listening to music via Spotify is such a joy with great balance between bass and treble. When it comes to calls, voice on the other end of the line is clear and surprisingly crisp. We also tried the device on a Zoom video call and voice quality on both ends is superb. When active noise cancellation is turned off, audio quality remains great. ANC turned off is also great when using the device while walking outdoors so you can be aware of your surroundings.


Panasonic claims up to 6 hours of use wwith a single charge and 19 hours after being plugged in to the case. Based on our own use, it has lived up to their promise. We managed to get nearly 6 hours of use with a single charge. We were able to watch three movies on Netlix. That’s amazing!


We think that the Panasonic RZ-S500WE is even better than Apple’s Airpods Pro. Active noise cancellation is superb, good audio quality whether listening to music or Zoom calls or voice calls and very good battery life. For around Php 12,000 this is more affordable than the Airpods plus it is very much compatible with Android or iOS devices or even Windows laptops too. We give our two thumbs up recommendation!

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