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Smart launches GigaPoints rewards for subscribers


Smart Communications, Inc. has unveiled the new GigaPoints rewards program, which offers a simpler and easier way for everyone to earn, accumulate, and redeem exclusive treats through the GigaLife App.  

Prepaid subscribers of Smart, Smart Bro, and TNT can start earning GigaPoints with a minimum Php99 spend on top-ups or by registering to their favorite GIGA promos.  On the other hand, Smart Postpaid subscribers can earn GigaPoints monthly by simply paying their bill on time.  

Smart and TNT Subscribers can also earn more GigaPoints via the GigaLife App by linking their other accounts. Very soon, they will also be able to earn more points for joining special events and promos. 

Redeem GIGA offers and exclusive lifestyle perks  

Each GigaPoint is equivalent to Php1, and subscribers can use their accumulated GigaPoints to redeem rewards on GigaLife App’s Rewards Marketplace section.  

Subscribers can use their GigaPoints to conveniently redeem data promos, such as GIGA Video, GIGA Stories, GIGA Games, and GIGA Pro. These data offers also come at face value rates when redeemed with GigaPoints. For example, subscribers can redeem GIGA Video 50 with just 50 GigaPoints.

Aside from redeeming data promos, subscribers will also soon be able to use their GigaPoints to redeem exclusive perks and vouchers from Smart’s partner lifestyle stores and services. 

Simple, easy, smart way to experience the GigaLife  

The new GigaPoints rewards program builds on the innovative features of the recently launched GigaLife App, which offers a simple, easy, and smart way for subscribers to manage their digital lifestyle.  

Downloadable on the Google Play Storeand the Apple App Store, the GigaLife App enables prepaid subscribers to check their balance, monitor their data usage, and register to promos with just a few taps on their smartphone. They can also link all their other Smart and TNT accounts in the app. The GigaLife App also gives postpaid customers the convenience of paying their monthly bill anytime and anywhere.  

Smart is set to introduce more groundbreaking GigaLife App features to better serve customers and bring all their digital needs at their fingertips so they can make the most of their GigaLife.

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