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Which Fiber Internet is best for you?


With the Corona Virus (COVID 19) threat, many are taking precautionary measures to avoid infection. One common measure is to stay at home. Those who can work or study at home, it is essential for us to have a reliable internet connection.

Fiber Internet is the new norm today for our homes. Although many are still using the old and traditional DSL (digital subscriber line) which transfers data via phone line or commonly known as landline, there are already significant number of homes now that switched to Fiber. Fiber Internet is a type of internet service that transfers data via Fiber Optic cable. There are currently three ISPs (internet Service Provider) that offers Fiber Internet – PLDT Home, Sky Fiber and Converge. We will share our personal experiences and experiences of our common friends and fmaily with these ISPs so that it will make you decide better which service will you choose.

But first let’s dig in with their plans and service offers.


PLDT offers two kinds of Fiber service, the Whole Home WiFi and Unli Fiber service. Whole Home WiFi offers 3 TP Link WiFi mesh that will be strategically placed in different parts of your home and eliminate dead WiFi spots. Unli Fiber comes only with a WiFi router. Both services come with PLDT landline and unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and Sun.

Whole Home WiFi

  • Plan 2099 – up to 50Mbps
  • Plan 3099 – up to 100Mbps

Unli Fiber Plans

  • Plan 1299 – up to 10Mbps
  • Plan 1699 – up to 20Mbps
  • Plan 1899 – up to 30Mbps
  • Plan 2899 – up to 100Mbps

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Sky Fiber

Apart from cable TV service, Sky has one of the fastest growing number of subscribers as an ISP. The company offers a lot of bundled services such as plans for Cable TV and Fiber Internet in one plan or the one with Home WiFi. We will focus only with two of their services – the Unli Broadband plans and Unli Broadband + Home WiFi plans. Just like PLDT, Sky also offers a Home WiFi service with 3 TP Link WiFi mesh.

Unli Broadband Plans

  • Plan 999 – up to5Mbps
  • Plan 1499 – up to 25Mbps
  • Plan 1999 – up to 50Mbps
  • Plan2499 – up to 75Mbps
  • Plan 3499 – up to 120Mbps

Unli Broadband + Home WiFi plans

  • Plan 1799 – up to 30Mbps
  • Plan 2799 – up to 60Mbps
  • Plan 3799 – up to 120Mbps

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Converge ICT got its attention by offering fast Fiber internet service for less the monthly cost. By fat they are the most affordable Fiber internet service today. They don’t bundles or other services that’s why their plans are more affordable.

Converge Fiber X Plans

  • Plan 1500 – up to 25Mbps
  • Plan 2500 – up to 75Mbps
  • Plan 3500 – up to 150Mbps

Converge Fiber Xtreme Plans

  • Plan 4500 – up to 300Mbps
  • Plan 7000 – up to 500Mbps

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Which ISP is the best for you?

Based on our personal experience and those who are using these ISPs, all of them have pros and cons. Let’s talk about PLDT Home first. A friend who is currently subscribed to PLDT Home Fiber is very happy with the service. Internet speed is very consistent especially during high demand hours However, there are instances of service interruptions and PLDT’s customer and technical service is poor according to our friend. We too applied for PLDT Fiber service and took us forever for PLDT to process our application. This pushed us to cancel our application and switched to another ISP.

Sky Fiber is our current internet service at home. We are very happy with Sky’s internet service and has been very consistent even on high demand hours. There are instances of service interruptions but Sky has been very quick in addressing these concerns. The company announce interruptions via their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Even when calling their hotline, a voice prompt will also inform you about the interruption. Once service is restored, Sky will inform you via text message that the service has been restored. Applying for the service is easy. You simply call their hotline, email the requirements and the following day, Sky will be in your home to install their router. It is also easier to apply if you have an existing SkyCable subscription.

Most of our friends who are subscribed to Converge has been very happy with the service. Those who subscribed to the service two years ago have experienced problems like very often service interruptions which is understandable since Converge is relatively new to the market that time. The problem also is the limited areas that Converge has service coverage. Fast forward to this day, Converge has covered much of Luzon and Metro Manila already. Service has also been improved and our friends subscribed to the service are very happy with the consistency of their internet speeds.

Whichever ISP you choose, you will never go wrong with them. Choose wisely and stay safe fellow techies!

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