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HONOR Watch Magic Review


We rarely review wearables so if there is an opportunity to review one, we always get excited. There is a growing market for wearables such as smartbands and smartwatches especially for those who are health conscious and like to sync their smartphoes to their wearables.

Wearables ain’t cheap. You want more features, you pay more. But HONOR has come up with the product that offers a handful of features seen on smartwatches with prices above 10k. This is the HONOR Watch Magic. Although its feature packed, there are some compromises as well. Let’s check it out!

HONOR Watch Magic specs:

  • 1.2-inch OLED display (390 x 390 pixels)
  • 50m water resistant
  • 16MB RAM
  • 128MG internal memory
  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Sleep tracker
  • Sensors – accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, compass
  • 178 mAh battery
  • Price: Php 5,990


The HONOR Watch Magic shares much of its look at its cousin, the Huawei Watch GT. There are few key differences though. The HONOR Watch Magic has a smaller watch face – 1.2-inch OLED display as comapred with the Watch GT with 1.39-inch display. It also lighter at 32.5 grams.

Lets take a hardware tour. Apart from the 1.2-inch display, there two buttons – one as a power button and the other is a function button. The strap can the changed to your liking. Watch straps are sold separately. At the back, you will see the sensors and two pins for charging. The device can monitor your heart rate and sleep.

Overall, the HONOR Watch Magic offers solid build quality. The device can also be submerged into water for up to 50 meters.


The wearable is running Huawei’s own OS for its smartwatches. If you own a Huawei Watch GT, this is a familiar affair for you. If this is the first time using a Huawei wearable, navigating through the device is easy. Swipe down from the bottom of the screen reveals your quick settings, pressing either buttons will reveal all the health apps you need such as sleep tracker, workout, heart rate, barometer, compass, etc. You can also record your runs whether being outdoors or indoors, swimming time, or your walk.

You can also change the watch face to your liking as well as the brightness of your smartwatch. There are regular updates coming to the device to further improve the experience. Simply download the Huawei Health app which available on both Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This means, the HONOR Watch Magic will work on both Android and iOS devices.


Compared with the Huawei Watch GT, the HONOR Watch Magic only has 178 mAh battery which less than half of its cousin. But based on the specs, Honor claims 7 days of battery life. Based on our usage, if you do more activities with the device, it will easily drain your battery. We lend it to friend to loves to work out and he managed three days of use by using most of the health features. If you only use the device simply as a watch and not connected to a phone, it lasted us 8 days. If connected to a phone and syncing your phone calls, messages, Facebook and others, it will drain the battery faster. We managed to get 5 days use always connected use on a phone.


The HONOR Watch Magic is a solid offering from HONOR. It offers basically the same features as its more expensive cousin, the Huawei Watch GT with some few compromises such as battery. Don’t get us wrong, the battery is very decent. At least, you don’t have to charge it like you do on your phone everyday. It depends on how you use the device. Apart from that, you get a bright and beautiful OLED display. With that, we give our #FTARecommended seal of approval.

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