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Android 10 (Go Edition) For Entry Level Phones Announced


Google has announced the Android 10 (Go Edition) designed for entry level smartphones.

Just like its previous version the Android 8.1 Oreo and Android 9 Pie (Go Edition), this operating system is lightweight and optimized for entry level smartphones with low-power chipset and limited to 1GB RAM lower. The Android 10 (Go Edition) also lighter Google apps like Google Go, You Tube Go, Gallery Go, Google Assistant Go. These apps are 50% smaller than the full sized versions which means, they occupy less memory and improving RAM management.

Apart from the smaller file sizes of apps, the software itself is also faster. Google claims that Android 10 (Go Edition) is 10% faster in terms of app launch. Overall speed and memory efficiency has been improved too.

Android 10 (Go Edition) will be available later this year.


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