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Let’s take a recap of how the Huawei Nova 3 Series performed last year

Huawei Nova 3

The Huawei Nova Series is the company’s mid-range smartphones that are more for having quad-camera setup; two on the rear and two on the front.

Last 2017, the Huawei Nova 2i has become the most searched smartphone here in the Philippines.

In June 2018, Huawei announced the new Nova 3 Series. The regular Huawei Nova 3i was originally priced at PHP 15,990 and it garnered a total of 20,000 units sold during its first-day sale. Because of that, it also became one of the best-selling phones of 2018.

How the Huawei Nova 3i achieved all of that?

The Nova 3i disrupted the mid-range segment by introducing a lot of new featured that are mostly found on flagship devices.

Huawei Nova 3i

First on the list is the build quality, the Nova 3i was equipped with a metal and glass body, inherited from the company’s flagship P20 Series.

It was also packed with 128GB base storage with 4GB of RAM which is very surprising on mid-range smartphones during that time.

And lastly, it was powered by the AI-focused Kirin 710 processor that was made on a 12nm technology.

Huawei Nova 3

Meanwhile, the higher-end version – the Huawei Nova 3 is a near-flagship device that was priced at PHP 25,990 during its launch.

It has adopted the GPU Turbo Technology which accelerates the GPU performance specially when playing games. It also brought the gradient design in the mid-range segment.

Though it doesn’t get that much popularity compared to its little brother, the Huawei Nova 3 has become the perfect choice for consumers who are looking for more flagship performance because of its Kirin 970 chipset that was also found on the flagship Huawei Mate 10 Series.

TIP: Did you know that the next Huawei Nova Series is just around the corner?

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