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SKY Revamps Internet Service, Offers SKY Fiber Unli Broadband + Home WiFi Service


SKY, the internet and cable TV service provider of TV network ABS-CBN has recently revamped its internet service and offers better internet plans.

Sky Fiber Unli Broadband + Home WiFi service provides full internet coverage for your home with no more dead WiFi spots. It is an unlimited internet service bundled with three TP Link WiFi mesh routers which will be placed in different parts of your home.

Features of the TP Link WiFi Mesh:

  • Seamless WiFi connection throughout the home
  • Parental controls allows you to manage home users’ usage and block HTTP sites
    • Time control – Manage how long users at home can use YouTube, FB, etc.
    • Content Filter – Block unwanted sites like pornhub, etc.
  • Security – Antivirus to protect your devices from viruses and malware
  • Reporting – Check the top 3 devices that spent the most time online
  • Quality of Service – Give the priority to devices that need fastest Internet connection
  • WiFi Coverage Range – 400 square meters

Choose from the different Sky Fiber Unli Broadband + Home WiFi plans:

  • Plan 1999 – up to 30Mbps
  • Plan 2999 – up to 60Mbps
  • Plan 3999 – up to 120Mbps

Apart from that, the service also includes SKY TechXperts Service which determines where to install the WiFi mesh routers in your home. The SKY TechXperts is also in charge of the after sales service of your WiFi mesh.

The new service is initially available in Metro Manila, Cavite and Laguna. The Plan 3999 is only available in Metro Manila. To know more, simply visit SKY’s website http://mysky.com.ph or call 418-0000.

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