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PSBank unveils PaSend – an easy, secure, affordable way to send Cash to anyone 24/7

PSBank PaSend Money Transfer App

Philippine Savings Bank unveiled PaSend, a service that allows PSBank depositors to conveniently send instant cash 24/7 to relatives and friends via the PSBank Mobile App, and which can be withdrawn by the intended recipient from any PSBank or Metrobank ATM.

The service is at a minimal cost priced competitively versus other domestic remittance platforms and does not even require the recipient to have an account with PSBank.  As such, this new service will benefit even unbanked Filipinos or those who don’t have deposit accounts and may have the need to mobilize funds in the form of cash.

To avail of the Bank’s PaSend service, customers will have to access their accounts via the PSBank Mobile App and select the “Pa-Send” option. The sender will be prompted to provide the following details: PSBank source account, amount to be sent/remitted, a one-time nominated 4-digit number as PIN for the specific PaSend request (PIN1) and the beneficiary’s full name and mobile number.

After some process of validation, the Bank approves the transaction request and will automatically send to the intended beneficiary’s mobile number a one-time system-generated 6-digit PIN (PIN2) together with the remittance amount specified by the sender. To complete the transaction, the sender will have to convey or advise the one-time self-nominated PIN1 to the beneficiary who will then have to go to a PSBank or Metrobank ATM to get the cash via PaSend/Cardless Withdrawal option. Withdrawal of the funds will automatically generate for the sender appropriate email and/or SMS notifications confirming the completion of the transaction request.

PSBank PaSend Money Transfer App

A sender can send amounts in multiples of 100 with minimum set at Php 200 and maximum at Php 5,000 per transaction. No partial withdrawal is allowed, and the recipient must complete the transaction within a specific time period. PaSend transactions are subject to daily and monthly limits on both sender and beneficiary as applicable.  PaSend processing fee is minimal and non-refundable. The fee for ATM cash withdrawal is free for PSBank ATMs standard ATM fees apply for those using Metrobank ATMs. All fees are for the account of the sender.

PaSend is just one of the various digital initiatives of PSBank consistent with staying true to its brand promise of keeping things “simple and maaasahan”.

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