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Moontoon announced Mobile Legends: Adventure as a new RPG Game

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Following the success of its hit game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Moonton opens a new chapter for adventure in the Land of Dawn with its official spin-off game, Mobile Legends: Adventure (MLA), an idle RPG strategy card game.

Mobile Legends: Adventure

The new RPG game will be told in the perspective of Layla, exploring a more in-depth and cohesive story on the heroes via cut-scenes, comics, dialogues and more.

Moonton executive added that fans will get to enjoy beloved heroes such as Miya, Tigreal, Layla and Lancelot in a new exciting way with each unique feature, skill, and trait re-adapted for MLA’s gameplay while keeping their core elements.

According to Hanqing Mei, Moontoon Marketing Manager, there are three key differences that set Mobile Legends: Adventure apart from MLBB.

First, players will be able to train up to five heroes at a time. Secondly, MLA requires a different type of strategic thinking as players need to match heroes of different class together to form an all-round lineup and switch up their formations depending on their opponents. Lastly, instead of the more realistic 3D graphics of MLBB, MLA utilizes a 2D art style that brings out the personality and details of the characters in a lively and vibrant manner,” he shares.

The main mechanics of the game include a carefree idle gameplay, where players can still get resources, upgrades and other rewards even when they are offline.

There are endless stages that offer campaign scenarios and different play modes. Not only can players summon and train heroes, they are also able to challenge other players in a PvP system, form a guild with other users, and challenge a Guild Boss.

Moonton is slated to release Mobile Legends: Adventure by the end of July.

For more info on the most anticipated sequel to the biggest mobile game in the world, follow Mobile Legends: Adventure’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MobileLegendsAdventure/.

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