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OPPO showcased the first under-display front camera


OPPO has finally unveiled its own under-display front camera solution at the recent MWC 2019 in Shanghai.

Teased earlier this month, OPPO achieved a full-screen front panel without any pop-up mechanism by placing the selfie camera under the display itself.

OPPO used a highly-transparent material with redesigned pixel structure to ensure that light can still penetrate into the camera. The camera module was also different from other selfie cameras. It has a wider aperture, bigger sensor, and greater pixel size to combat any light refraction.

Since there is solid material on top of the camera, there is a big possibility that image might become blurry. That’s why OPPO implemented three algorithms to enhance camera performance – this includes some adjustment on the white balance, HDR, and haze.

But for now, even though they have a working prototype, it was still far from perfection.

OPPO mentioned that they are planning to launch it in the near future. Unfortunately, there is still no specific date given.

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