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No more global versions of MIUI Beta after July 1?

No more Global MIUI Beta

Xiaomi’s MIUI Team has made a bold announcement last June 14, 2019, through the Mi Community platform that they will be no longer release global versions of MIUI Beta ROMs.

MIUI is the Xiaomi’s own customized skin for its Android devices. Since it was first introduced back in 2010, it has become a favorite for many Mi Fans around the world.

Global MIUI comes in two versions: Beta and stable. The stable version is the one pre-installed on most Xiaomi devices after buying them. Its primary advantage is stability. Software updates for the stable MIUI come regularly and securely; update frequency may vary from model to model, though.

The Beta version was basically made available for a smaller number of hardcore fans who want to be the first to experience new features of Xiaomi’s operating system and are eager to provide their valuable feedback. This version sometimes lacks stability and may contain some bugs.

Now the problem is, as more Mi Phone models got introduced to the market, more users started using MIUI Beta through different channels. Very often, they use it on a day-to-day basis on their main phones.

However, MIUI Beta is made for public testing and requires the user to have a very high tolerance for bugs and faults.

MIUI Beta is released in the early stages of the development to allow our core fans to contribute to the development process. They use our new features before everyone else, and then provide their feedback and suggestions to our R&D team, which helps us improve MIUI before it’s released in its stable iteration,” said MIUI Team.

The Mi Community sees that many of the Global Beta users are using the early builds as a daily build, which is not the way the Mi Community intends them to be used.

And now that the MIUI has became matured over the past few years, the demand for security and stability has also became more important.

Because of this, the MIUI engineers have decided to stop releasing the global version of MIUI Beta for all devices starting July 1,2019.

Despite this, we will continue to communicate with our users on various platforms and concentrate on improving the stable version of MIUI. In fact, this will enable developers to provide a better optimized stable version of MIUI ensuring a great experience for all. All the required security updates will still be delivered to every user in a timely manner.” added by the MIUI Team.

But for sure many Mi Fans specially those who are in Beta ROMs right now will be disappointed with this announcement.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your support during all these years!” MIUI Team concluded.

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