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Globe Issues Statement Regarding Google’s Ban on Huawei


This trade dispute between China and US has escalated to a whole new level as the US Government through President Trump’s Executive Order banning US companies to supply hardware and software components to Huawei last week, And then yesterday, Google dropped a big news to everyone that it is suspending its services to Huawei such as Android support, suspension of essential apps like Google Play Store, Gmail, You Tube and other Google apps.

With regards to this development, many Huawei users are worried about their newly purchased Huawei P30 smartphones especially those who got their phone via Globe Postpaid. Globe Telecom as issued a statement regarding this.

Huawei Issues Statement

Yesterday, Huawei also issued a statement regarding this matter. They said that they will continue to give support to existing Huawei smartphone users.

The fate of Huawei as a smartphone maker remains unclear as of the moment. Current Huawei smartphones won’t be getting regular updates anymore although app updates and downloads via Google Play Store will continue. But future Huawei smartphones like the Huawei Mate 30 which is scheduled to come by October this year won’t get Google services anymore. It can runAndroid via Android Open Source Program (AOSP).

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