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Google Suspends Huawei’s Android Services Effective Immediately


We woke up this morning shocked by this news. In a report from Reuters, Google suspends some of its businesses with Huawei and that includes software and other technical access from Android operating system.

This action from Google was done after US President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning Huawei from buying hardware and software components from US companies. As a result, Google, an American software and hardware company took action after Trump’s order was signed.

So what is the effect on Huawei’s existing smartphone users? Huawei’s smartphones will no longer get Android security patches. App updates will continue to arrive on your Huawei smartphone. For future Huawei smartphones, they will no longer get access to Google Play Store, Gmail, You Tube and other Google services. Huawei can only access the Android operating system through open source license. This means Hiawei can still use Android as their operating system since it is an open source platform. But there will be no more support from Google.

This move will potentially hurt Huawei’s growing smartphone business outside China. For the full story, you can click the link below to Reuter’s report.


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