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JBL launched new line-up of sleek and premium earphones and speakers

JBL Product Launch 2019

Harman International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has unveiled its new series of earphones and speakers equipped with Google Assistant.

Providing more options for Filipino audiophiles, Harman International brought the new JBL Live Series, Tune Series, Under Armour Series, Endurance Peak, and new JBL speakers series. All of them are carrying the JBL Signature Sound and each of them are designed to fit every type of consumer.

JBL Live Series

Made for users who make listening to their favorite tunes an important part of their lifestyle, the JBL Live Series combines premium sound and stylish design.

JBL Live 400BT & Live 500BT

The JBL Live 400BT and JBL Live 500BT are equipped with Ambient Aware Technology. They allow users to be aware of their surroundings even while wearing headphones. With Ambient Aware, users can adjust the volume of either the left or right earcup. Same with the TalkThru feature which allows users to talk to other people without removing the headphones.

JBL Live 650BTNC

The JBL Live 650BTNC features the Google Assistant function that can be activated by just taping the right earcup. It has a noise-canceling capability to let users enjoy music without distraction. It also has a battery life of up to 30 hours of music playtime.

For users who’d prefer to have in-ear earphones, the JBL Live series also has the JBL Live 100 and JBL Live 200BT.

JBL Tune Series

JBL Tune 500

The JBL Tune 500 is the only model of the Tune Series that is wired. It comes with Google Assistant accessible through the one-button remote and microphone.

JBL Tune 500BT & Tune 600BTNC

For those users who want wireless headphones, the JBL Tune Series has the JBL Tune 500BT and JBL Tune 600BTNC to offer. The JBL Tune 500BT comes in trendy colors of black, pink, and white. It can last up to 16 hours of continuous music playback. Meanwhile, the JBL Tune 600BTNC has a noise-canceling feature and it can last up to 12 hours of music playback.

JBL Endurance Peak

JBL Endurance Peak

The JBL Endurance Peak is the brand’s offering under the true wireless sports earphone line-up. It can be used under different weather conditions as it comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating. It is also made to ergonomically fit the ears with its TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies.

Out of the box, the JBL Endurance Peak comes with a rugged smart charging case with 24 hours of total backup charge and equates a 10-minute quick charge for 1 hour of music playback. Music control is also made seamless with the touch function.

JBL Under Armour Series

Leading the Under Armour Sports lineup is the JBL Under Armour Sports Wireless Train which carries the JBL Charge Sound to further intensify users’ workout. It also comes with the Under Armour Fabric Technology so that the earphones can maintain its comfortable form.

It has the UA SuperVent on its outer ear cushions that deliver true breathability with a fast-drying and hand washable removable fabric. In terms of battery, the JBL Under Armour Sports Wireless Train can play music for 16 hours, and is capable of turning a 5-minute charge to one hour of audio playback. It also has the TalkThru technology.

JBL Under Armour Flex

The JBL Sports Under Armour Flex has a lightweight, flexible neckband carrying four buttons for music control combined with sports flex fit ear tips for complete ergonomics. A special feature of this earphone is the RunSafe LED which is a safety light that keeps users visible at night using three flashing modes.

The JBL Under Armour Sports Wireless React and JBL Under Armour Sports Wireless Pivot, on the other hand, both have a bionic hearing feature that allows users to hear the environment even when using the earphones, including the Ambient Aware and TalkThru technologies.

The JBL Under Armour Sports True Wireless Flash offers a truly cord-free music experience. It comes with an Under Armour waterproof technology and the Sport Flex Fit ear tips for ergonomics and perfect fit. Other notable features of this earphone include the Bionic Hearing with TalkThru and Ambient Aware technologies. For its battery, it can run up to 25 hours of music playback and it has a durable aluminum charging case.

JBL Speakers

First on the list is the JBL Party Box 300. It comes with a 10,000 mAh battery for up to 18 hours of non-stop music. It also has light effects to add more fun during a house party. It can be charged using a 12V DC ports of cars and it can also be used as powerbank to fuel your smartphones. The JBL Party Box 300 was designed to connect up to two speakers simultaneously and has a microphone and guitar inputs. It has PureBass sound mode and can play music using Bluetooth or via USB inputs.

The JBL Charge 4 has a 7,500 mAh battery that can also be used as powerbank. It can play music for up to 20 hours and it has a USB Type-C port. It also has the JBL Connect+ technology so you can wirelessly link it to more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers.

JBL Jr Pop

The JBL Jr. Pop delivers fun sound for the little ones. It comes in a rugged, waterproof design in pop and trendy colors. It also has a multi-color light mode and it can play music of up to 5 hours.

JBL Link View

Lastly, the JBL Link View. It is a Google Assistant voice-activated speaker with an 8-inch touch screen display. More than just to deliver music, the JBL Link View can also be used for video calls using its 5MP front camera. You also don’t have to worry about your privacy because it has the PrivacySwitch feature which is the company’s take to assure users of cybersecurity.

Pricing and Availability

JBL Live 100P2,199
JBL Live 200BTP3,999
JBL Live 400BTP5,999
JBL Live 500BTP8,599
JBL Live 650BTNCP10,999
JBL Tune 500P1,999
JBL Tune 500BTP3,199
JBL Tune 650BTNCP5,499
JBL UA Flex NeckbandP7,599
JBL UA Train On-EarP11,499
JBL UA ReactP8,499
JBL UA PivotP8,499
JBL Endurance PeakP6,999
JBL Speakers
JBL Partybox 300P29,999
JBL Jr. PopP1,999
JBL Link ViewP17,999

All of these JBL products are now available in all authorized JBL stores and distributors.

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