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Pocophone F1 to receive Game Turbo

Pocophone F1

Xiaomi introduced the new Game Speed Turbo during the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 9 and now, it’s coming to the Pocophone F1 as Game Turbo.

Just like any other boosting implementation on other brands, the new Game Turbo on the Pocophone F1 will enhance the gaming experience by optimizing the available resources.

Pocophone F1 Game Turbo

Game Turbo will optimize the CPU and GPU resources and focus on the game’s app to deliver a more fluid gaming experience.

Moreover, it will also allows you to clear the memory, take a screenshot, screen recording, toggle WiFi on and off and even switch between SIM cards without leaving the game through an overlay bar.

Other interesting feature of this floating bar is that, you can use your apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and even open up the browser while you are in-game.

To turn on this feature, go to the Security app. Then find the Game Speed Booster. Activate all the settings that you like then start playing one game. The Game Turbo panel was hidden by default. See view it, simply swipe one finger to the right from the upper left corner.

This feature is now rolling to all MIUI Global beta users. Our unit is now on MIUI 10 Global 9.3.21 and we already had this feature. While Stable ROM users will have to wait for some time before they could experience it.

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