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Why it is now the best time to buy a Samsung phone?


Samsung has been the top smartphone maker in terms of sales volume and market share. Last year, the competition has started to climb up, offering great new features on a smartphone like Huawei and Xiaomi. They offer great phones, great cameras, a different user experience for nearly half the price. Not to mention that both Chinese companies are also doing well in their midrange offerings.

Last year, there was a shake up in Samsung’s mobile division and appointed a new head. Samsung rethinks their strategy in preparation to wow people in 2019. When the new year starts, Samsung surprised the Indian market with the new Galaxy M-series – the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. Both phones are very well priced up to the point we tech bloggers get excited and asked Samsung when are they going to launch here. And then Samsung launched three new Galaxy S10 series which is surprisingly priced competitively. The Galaxy S10e is priced at Php 29,990 as compared to its main competitor – the iPhone XR priced at Php 50,990. The last week Samsung announced the Galaxy A50 and A30 to the local market and priced very well too.

So why it is the perfect time to buy a Samsung phone today? Here’s why.

Competitively priced

As we mentioned, all of Samdung’s latest phones are priced very well. The most affordable one, the Galaxy M20 is priced at Php 10,990. The price versus the features ratio is well balanced . If you go high end, say the Galaxy S10e for Php 39,990 you get more features like a wide angle camera, a more vibrant AMOLED screen, bigger memory configuration (6GB/128GB internal) as compared with the iPhone XR with 3GB?64GB internal, single camera, a lower resolution LCD display for 10k more.

Better camera and features

Looking back at Samsung old Galaxy J-series, we are always disapppinted to the unexciting design, poor camera quality and lackluster performance. Samsung’s new phones are more capable, has better optics and a simple yet catchy design. The Galaxy M20, A30 and A50 may have plastic bodies but its more duable, less prone to breaking while maintaining a simple yet stunning look. The Galaxy A50, for instance, has triplr cameras and under display fingerprint scanner for only Php 17,990,

Samsung Galaxy A50

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Better user experience

Apart from the pricing and the hardware, Samsung also revamped its own skin on top of Android. Over the years Samsung’s Experience UX has become more intuitive, less clattered and less cartoonish to look at. The problem though its the lag it brings over time.

With the new One UI, Samsung had a completely new user experience on its phones. Foe example, most of the options are located at the bottom of part of the screen for easy reach. The settings looks cleaner and icons are not cartoonish anymore. There are also less redundant apps too. Overall its new and cleaner UI.

Samsung badge of quality and reliability

Samsung has remains to have excellent hardware and nothing has changed here. With all the improvements they’ve done, expect Samsung its continued commitment to quality. We have have a two-year old Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 and both are still in tip top condition.

Samsung Galaxy M20

Faster software updates

Another disappointement we had from Samsung is their inability to update their phones to the latest software and security patches on time. Last year, the Galaxy S8 got its Android 8.1 Oreo update in April 2018 which is very disappointing considering Android Pie is already set for release a few months later. This year, we experienced quicker updates. All Galaxy S9 series and Galaxy Note 9s were updated to the latest software in Febuary 2019.

And even more good news, Samsung is also trying to update their midrange offering such as the Galaxy A8 and A8+ which are 2018 models. The Galaxy A7 2018 is set to get the latest software in April. For us its a bit slow but at least, midrangers are being updated as well which is one thing Samsung has never done before.

Samsung Galaxy A50
Samsung Galaxy A50

Final thoughts

The effort to change and improve their product portfolio is in perfect timing. Competitors like Huawei and Xiaomi are eyeing Samsung’s top spot and its nice to see Samsung’s aggressive pricing, great new features, better cameras on their phones. It is really a perfect time to buy a Samsung phone today!

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