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Canon’s smallest and lightest Mini Photo Printer is now available in the PH

Canon Mini Photo Printer

Canon has officially launched the smallest and lightest photo printer, the Canon Mini Photo Printer.

This very portable printer uses the ZINK dry-printing technology which means that it doesn’t use ink for printing. It can print upside down photos and you can use it anytime and anywhere because of its very small form factor.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

It delivers 2×3-inch glossy photo prints that are smudge-proof and scratch-resistant. You can also peel them and use these photos as stickers where you can attach on any smooth surface like at the back of your phone, laptop, mirror, tabletops, etc.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

When it comes to portability, this printer features a very slim profile. It’s just like a small powerbank that can fit on your pocket or long wallets. A built-in battery ensures mobility without the need for the device to be attached to a power outlet.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

The Canon Mini Photo Printer uses the Canon Mini Print app that can be download on Playstore for Android and Appstore for iOS devices. It only requires Bluetooth connectivity to connect your smartphone to the mini printer.

The app also features an extensive library of photo-editing tools, creative filters, photo frames, stamps, text boxes, and more. With this, you can add your own taste and creativity before printing your photos.

Canon Mini Photo Printer

Price and Availability

The Canon Mini Photo Printer in now available in colors Slate Grey and Rose Gold and it was priced at Php9,990. It comes with bundled 2 packs of ZP-2030-20 2×3 photo papers worth Php1,100 and a limited edition Toki Doki Premiums worth Php3,000.

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