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PS4 Remote Play is now available on iOS

PS4 Remote Play app for iOS

Maybe some of PS4 users have already tried the Remote Play feature using Windows desktop or Sony Android smartphones/tablets. But today, this feature is now already available for iOS devices.

The PS4 Remote Play allows you to use your Windows desktop, a Sony device, and now iOS devices as a PS4 display over Wi-Fi. Basically, this was being used when there are no available monitors or TVs around.

This also allows you to use an on-screen gamepad to control your PS4. Voice chat in supported games is also available inside the app so you can use the iPhone’s microphone. The same concept with your device’s keyboard wherein you can use it to type for inputs.

The app requires an iOS device running version 12.1 or later. Sony recommends an iPhone 7 or later, 6th-generation iPad or later, or a 2nd-generation iPad Pro or later for best results. Sony does mention that the app will not work with the DUALSHOCK 4 controller and the PS4 Remote Play app is not compatible with all games.

So what are you waiting for? Try the PS4 Remote Play now on your iOS device.

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