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Zenfone Summer Sale Madness Promo: Get your favorite Zenfone devices at much lower prices

ASUS Zenfone Summer Sale Madness

ASUS Philippines goes all-out this March with the Zenfone “Summer Sale Madness Promo”.

For the whole month of March, selected ASUS Zenfone devices specialized for mobile photography and gaming are now available at much lower prices!

ASUS Zenfone Summer Sale Madness

Starting with the Zenfone 5, one of the most intelligent Zenfone that was ever made. Equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 that has AI capability, dual rear camera with ultra-wide angle lens, and 3,300mAh battery. From its original price of P19,995, the Zenfone 5 is now only P14,995.

ASUS Zenfone Summer Sale Madness

The Zenfone 5Q which features a quad-camera system; that is two cameras and on the back and two cameras on the front. Both front and back cameras are equipped with 120 degree ultra-wide angle lenses so you can surely capture more in any scenario. Priced at P16,995 before, now it’s available for only P9,995.

ASUS Zenfone Summer Sale Madness

Likewise, the ZenFone 4 Selfie Lite is a clear choice for any photography enthusiast on a budget. With an updated price of PHP 5,995, together with 3GB RAM, this ZenFone can make any selfie lover look fresh anytime and anywhere.

The ZenFone Max M1 series is definitely worth considering; especially for the mobile gamers. The ZenFone Max Plus M1 and ZenFone Max Pro M1 are both powered by battery capacities that can last all players hours on their favorite mobile games. The ZenFone Max Plus M1 now retails for PHP 7,995, while its more recent sibling, the ZenFone Max Pro M1, becomes even more a steal. At the original price of PHP 13,995, the latter is now available for just the value of PHP 8,995 for its 4GB variant.

Summer season is now here and it has became even more hotter with the ZENsational experience; especially with a brand new ZenFone that can definitely help in completing the summer bucket list!

Everyone can enjoy the best of summer with the ZenFone series now, by tuning into the ASUS Philippines Facebook Page and the ZenTalk Philippines Forum for the latest news and updates on your ZenFone favorites.

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