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How to activate Dark Mode in FB Messenger

FB Messenger Dark Mode

Did you know that you can now change the theme of your Facebook Messenger app into Dark Mode?

This feature was actually hidden since it’s still under development. But if you want to try it, check out the step-by-step procedure below.

How to activate Dark Mode on FB Messenger

FB Messenger Dark Mode

1. Update your Messenger into the latest version.

FB Messenger Dark Mode

2. If it is already on the latest version, chat anyone with the “moon” icon from the emoji section.

FB Messenger Dark Mode

3. After sending the moon emoji, a banner notification will appear on the upper part of the screen saying “You Found Dark Mode!”.

FB Messenger Dark Mode

4. Click [Turn On In Settings] to activate it.

FB Messenger Dark Mode

5. And viola! You have successfully activated the Dark Mode!

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