Home Apps GoDigital releases OKTO: a digital and cashless payment solution for SMEs

GoDigital releases OKTO: a digital and cashless payment solution for SMEs

OKTO - Empowering Your Retail Innovation

OKTO is more than just a digital wallet. It is a reliable platform where customers and businesses can carry out secure transactions and reward customer loyalty.


GoDigital created OKTO to help companies to take their first step in digitization. OKTO Pay is one of main product it offers. It was specially made for SMEs (small or medium-sized enterprises) to have their own personalized cashless payment transactions for their customers.

OKTO Loyalty

It also has a loyalty program solution which is OKTO Loyalty. It can give your user the perks they deserve and get to offer your promotion through the marketplace.


The third product under OKTO is the OKTO POS. It is a system that aims to help businesses to automate and streamline their process. With this, you can manage your business from a phone or tablet. You can also track real time data by gaining insight on your slow moving items and your best sellers.

OKTO is built as a scalable and future proof system. At its core, OKTO features a fast, secure, reliable, and interactive wallet system. It can helps small to medium-sized businesses to digitized their processes, gain new opportunities to earn and enable cashless transactions and loyalty to their patrons at a fraction of the cost.

For more info about OKTO, visit oktostack.com or iamokto.com.

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