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MWC 2019: OPPO introduced the 10x optical zoom camera in a smartphone: Coming in Q2 this year


OPPO has finally unveiled and showcased their new 10x lossless zoom technology in a smartphone happened in Barcelona, Spain.

The rear camera system was composed of three camera modules. The one is a 16mm ultra-wide lens with 120 degrees. The second camera is a 48MP sensor and the third one is a telephoto lens with 160mm focal length or equivalent to 35mm.

Here are two sample scenarios:

Looking at the sample photos the base image was shot using the ultra-wide angle lens that’s why the subject on the zoomed photo might look farther compared seeing it with the main rear camera lens.

Take note that other smartphone brands are not including the ultra-wide angle camera when calculating the “lossless” zooming capability of their cameras. If we try to translate it with other devices, the zoom equivalent is only 5x with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and 4.3x on the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

OPPO confirmed that they already started the mass production of this module. The first phone will be release this coming Q2 of 2019.

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