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JBL Reflect Mini 2 Review


With the traditional audio jack on smartphones are becoming a rarity these days. Many people are now switching to wireless earphones for their music and video pleasure. To get really good audio, you really have to spend a little more as compared to wired earphones. We have the JBL Reflect Mini 2 here and is worth the extra cash? Let’s find out.


We do love the device’s cool and hip design. The wire connecting to two buds is protected by waterproof and anti tangle rubber. The buds itself is also made of rubber though we find it a little too big for our ears. Good thing JBL has included several sizes for different ears and its quite easy to pull out and plug in new ones. They are sweat proof as well so its perfect to use while working out.

Volume buttons are easy to press and some satisfying feedback when pressing it. As for the Bluetooth connection, we find it easier to connect to an iOS device such as iPhones and iPads as compared with Android or Windows devices. But when connected to an Android device, it shows battery level of the JBL Reflect Mini 2 so you can monitor your usage.


As long as the buds are properly placed in your ear, you will get amazing music experience, Bass and treble are very well balanced and audio is very clean especially when watching movies on Netflix. Loudness is quite decent but we find it a bit weak even at 75% max volume.


JBL claims 10 hours of battery life and based on our experience, we achieved 9 hours of continuous music and movie playback on a laptop. For us that is actually decent. Charging time takes around 1 hour before fills up the tank.


If you want freedom from wires and with good music quality, the JBL Reflect Mini 2 will fit all your check lists. At Php 5,390 it may be pricey for a pair of wireless buds but considering the excellent build quality, sound and battery life, we think it could be a good investment if you wish to use it for a long time. Its nearest competition, the Sony WI-SP600N cost more (Php 7,990) and has shorter battery life of 8 hours. We think the JBL Reflect Mini 2 is a better buy.

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