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Instagram will now show IGTV videos on your timeline

Instagram IGTV video on timeline

Maybe Instagram developers have realized that there are only some users who are actually taking their time to look at the IGTV section.

That’s why Instagram has come up with an idea of showing these videos from the people you follow directly on your timeline. These will appear as regular posts but with different tagging so you can still differential them from those short IG posts.

It’s been months since the IGTV was integrated on the Instagram app. At first, many people are using it because of its vertical video feature which is something new and different. But after all, people are still more convenient in using the YouTube app for watching videos.

We just hope that Instagram should focus more on the things that its users want instead of forcing them on the things that they are not interested on.

How about you guys? What is your stand regarding this matter? Tell us in the comments section below.

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