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Why are we excited for the Nokia 9 flagship?


Rumors of the latest Nokia flagship has been surfacing since late last year. Anticipation is on the rise when there were leaked renders of the Nokia 9 which is touted to the the 2019 flagship for the Finnish smartphone brand. Many Android purists are very very excited including ourselves. Why do you think so? Here are the reasons why.

A Pure Android flagship aside from Pixel 3

As we all know, Google’s Pixel 3 and 3 XL are not sold everywhere, Philippines included which is a bummer. Aside from the Pixel 3, there is no flagship phone that runs pure Android 9.0 Pie (no bloatware, no skin)> The OnePlus 6T has almost stock Android and so as the Sony Xperia XZ3 but these phones are not available to every store in the Philippines. Once Nokia announce the Nokia 9, it will definitely hit the stores here especially Nokia has growing number of stores again.

Nokia 6630 from 2006

Nokia as a Legendary Brand

Before Apple and Samsung reigned the smartphone universe, it was Nokia who leads the pack for the longest time for the past 10 to 15 years. It was too late when Nokia realized it was losing market share from Apple and Samsung in 2011 and decided to sel its smartphone business and its patents to Microsoft. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not pull it off after a few years. So, Nokia’s former executives and employees of its mobile division put up snd HMD Global and together with Nokia which is a telecommunications equipment maker before making smartphones a long time ago, bought back Nokia’s old patents from Microsoft in 2016. HMD Global and Google made a strong partnership and totally embraced Android as Nokia’s operating system.

When Nokia made a comeback people started to recall memories of the old Nokia phones of the past especially Filipinos. When Nokia returned to the Philippines, it reintroduced its Nokia feature phones with physical numeric keyboards. Until now, Nokia’s feature phones are still on the Top 10 of Memoxpress Hotlist weekly. Memoxpress is one of the largest chain of smartphone stores and accessories in the Philippines.

Nokia 7 Plus

Signature Quality and Camera Performance

When HMD Global bought back Nokia’s patents, that also includes its partnership with Zeiss optics. We remember how good their camera is back in the day. .The Nokia 9 is rumored to have 5 cameras at the back which is a first. We do have high expectations for the cameras. Nokia is also working on its camera experience thru is bothie feature that is perfect for content creators like Vloggers.

Nokia is also known for making good quality phones that would last for years. Our old Nokia 6630 is still alive and well though battery needs to be replaced. That phone was released in 2006. The Nokia 7 Plus we have now is already 7 months old and it is still doing very well and now running Android 9 Pie. The Nokia 9 will be a smartphone to keep for good 3 years tops especially the support Nokia and Google will give to it.

The Nokia 9 or rumored to be called “Nokia 9 Pureview” is said to feature 5 ot 6 cameras, a Snapdragon 845 chipset with Snapdragon 855 5G capable version to come later this year, large 4,150 mAh battery, 6-inch display and running Android 9.0 Pie. It is expected to launch next month.

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