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How to check the total amount you spent on Grab

Grab total amount spent

Ever since Grab entered the country, it became a very big part of our commuting life specially for those who are living in Metro Manila and other cities / provinces that are now having its services.

For some people, it even became a daily or number 1 go-to for their transportation because of the comfort it provide and easy-to-use application.

But the question is: how long have you been using Grab? Do you want to see how much you spent while using its services?

Here’s our step-by-step procedures:

Step #1:

Grab total amount spent

Go to https://hub.grab.com and it will ask you to login with your mobile number that you are using on the Grab. Once you entered your mobile number, it will send a verification code on your Grab app and you have to type it on the browser in order to proceed.

Step #2:

Grab total amount spent

After successfully logged-in, you will be redirected on the dashboard of your account where you can see the list of all your bookings.

Step #3:

Grab total amount spent

Set the date until you see the very first time you used the Grab service.

Step #4:

Grab total amount spent

Download your account statement via PDF or CSV.

So there you go. You can now see the total amount you have spent using Grab!

We are very curious on your total spent amount. Can you share it with us on the comments section below?

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