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OPPO to Invest USD 1.43 Billion in Research & Development in 2019

Tony Chen, Founder and CEO of OPPO delivers a speech at the AI session during the 2018 OPPO Technology Exhibition

Tony Chen, OPPO Founder and CEO, announced an increase in R&D spending to USD 1.43 billion next year.

The increased R&D capital will allow OPPO to integrate its supply chain and build on its technical expertise to enhance the company’s technological capabilities.

Furthermore, OPPO will now be able to leverage AI to develop a range of smart devices such as smartwatches and smart home technologies, and meet the increasingly rigid demands of consumers in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT).

OPPO will focus on 5G technology

As a technology company, OPPO focuses relentlessly on the development of frontier technologies like 5G. OPPO established its 5G team as early as 2015 and began R&D at the onset of 5G standards. When 5G standards were frozen in December 2017, OPPO quickly invested in the development of 5G products, taking the lead in enabling the interoperability of 5G signaling and data links in August 2018 before realizing the first 5G smartphone connection this past October.

OPPO will improve its AI

OPPO has applied AI technologies across a wide range of applications including photography, facial recognition and fingerprint identification while introducing many innovative features including an AI-powered beauty camera, 3D portrait lighting and intelligent recognition scenarios. By employing AI to continuously learn users’ habits, OPPO smartphones are able to proactively provide better services and more personalized experiences.

OPPO is now into smart devices and IoT

Closing his speech, Tony Chen emphasized that OPPO is committed to becoming a leader in an era where 5G, AI and IoT are broadly applied. OPPO has always attached great importance to R&D in providing relevant technologies to customers.

Serving as a platform for internal stakeholders to exchange ideas and technology, the 2-day OPPO Technology Exhibition included four major sessions – AI, Big Data, Cloud + IoT and 5G – and 12 exhibition zones covering more than 80 innovative projects. While showcasing OPPO’s current R&D capabilities and future technology roadmap, this year’s exhibition also facilitated a dialogue between experts from a wide range of industries, effectively opening the door to enhanced opportunities for future technological development.

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