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iWalk Amore Air Duo Review: Smart True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

iWalk Amore Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

Smartphones with no headphone jack are becoming a real thing specially in this generation.

And people who have an active lifestyle are more convenient with wireless audio connectivity.

If you are looking for a wireless earphone, the iWalk Amore (Amour) Air Duo might be one you are looking for.

For the price of P3,699, let’s see if it is the one for you.

iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

What’s inside the package:

  • Amore Air wireless earbuds
  • portable charging case
  • charging cable
  • extra silicon caps


iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

The two wireless earbuds come with a minimalist black and grey color. Most parts are in matte color while the top part has a glossy color.

The glossy part also serve as the play/pause button that you can use to control the music or answer/end calls.

iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

You can see the L (left) and R (right) indicators on the bottom part together with the golden Pogo pins that allows the two earbuds to charge using the portable case.

iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

The two earbuds have a portable case that also serves as a powerbank. It has an indication for the Left and Right socket for easier placement for the earbuds.

It also has a very compact and light-weight build that you can easily fit anywhere.

iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

The portable charging case can charge via the micro USB port. It has an included charging cable but if you find it too short, you can also use most Android phone chargers out there for your convenience.


iWalk Amore Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

Pairing the earbuds together and to your smartphone is very simple and easy to understand. It has an included instruction on its manual that you can follow.

After the first pairing, reconnecting the earbuds to your smartphone is easier! In fact, you don’t have to press any button. Opening the charging case will turn on the two earbuds and automatically sync with each other. Then, when you removed the left earbuds on the case, it will automatically connect to your smartphone if it detected your Bluetooth.


iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

The Amore Air Duo is powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 which is faster and provides better data transmission.

It can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled devices like Apple devices, Android smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches.

In addition, it also supports voice assistants like Siri, Google, and etc. as long as your smartphone has that feature.


iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

The overall sound quality is good for the price. It has a rich voice quality but we feel that it lack a little bit of bass when playing upbeat musics.

The call quality is also clear and good thing, you can hear the sound on both earbuds.


iWalk Amour Air Duo Wireless Earbuds

Using both earbuds on their maximum volume will give you around 2 hours and 10 minutes of music play-time.

Placing them back on the charging case will take around 50 minutes before they will be fully charged.

If you are planning to bring these earbuds on your trip, you can use them up to four times, that is around 8-9 hours of usage, before the charging case run out of battery juice.

If you have an extra powerbank, you can also charge the case and it will take around 3 hours before it will fully charge (5V/1A).


The iWalk Amore Air Duo is a real deal for its price. Although you can find other wireless earbuds on a lower price, the Amore Air Duo offers a lot of advance features like the latest Bluetooth v5.0 connectivity, long battery life with the charging dock, fast and automatic pairing, and clear stereo audio experience.

To purchase the Amore Air Duo, just visit iwalk.ph

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