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JBL Go vs JBL Go2 – What’s the difference?

JBL Go and JBL Go2

JBL has recently released an upgraded version of the JBL Go named as the JBL Go2.

In this article, we will try to show you guys their difference when it comes to the physical aspect, specifications, and sound quality.

Are you guys ready? Read on!

JBL Go and JBL Go2

JBL Go vs JBL Go2 Specs

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The JBL Go has a boxy design with sharp edges while the JBL Go2 has a rounded corners.

JBL Go and JBL Go2

Flipping the devices on top, you can see that they almost had the same buttons except for the voice call button on the JBL Go and play button on the JBL Go2. But take note that the JBL Go2 also support calls like the JBL Go for hands-free calling.

The audio port, micro USB port, and microphone of both devices are located on the left side. And since the JBL Go2 is now IPX7 rated, its new housing adds cover to its input ports for extra protection.

JBL Go and JBL Go2

And lastly, you will also notice that the JBL Go2 has no strap hook for carrying strap.


As you noticed, the JBL Go2 has a slightly louder audio output as compared to the older JBL Go. It also has noticeably more bass as compared to the older one.


JBL Go and JBL Go2

Both the JBL Go and JBL Go2 promised up to 5 hours of music playback on their packaging. But this will vary on the volume you are using them. Like for example, on 50% volume, the JBL Go last around 4 hours and around 4.5 hours for the JBL Go2. While using them outside the house with 100% volume, the JBL Go lasts around 2.5 hours and 3 hours for the JBL Go2.


Overall, the JBL Go2 looks more premium than the JBL Go. It has a metallic build as compared to the plastic construction of the older one. The IPX7 waterproof rating also adds points to the JBL Go2. This means that you don’t have to worry just in case you dropped it in water. When it comes to sound quality, the loudness is not that much improved but the amount of bass that the JBL Go2 produce is what makes the real difference.

So what do you think guys? Which one will you get?

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