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What makes Vivo V11 “Halo” FullView Display special?

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The Vivo V11 features a sleek design with its 6.41-inch vibrant Super AMOLED Halo FullView Display with a massive 91.27% screen-to-body ratio. The ultra-thin 1.76mm side bezels, paired with the 3D curved body design.

Having a bigger screen on your mobile phone has several advantages. Here are seven prime examples as to why the Vivo V11 is what everyone need:

vivo v11

1. Visual Amusement – The Vivo V11 smartphones don’t only have big screens, but they also come with modern specifications and high pixel density. With 6.41-inch Super AMOLED Halo FullView Display and stunning clarity, it can deliver an instant visual joy.  The massive display can fit more space for app icons and house widgets, and are suitable for the user to appreciate high-definition and live wallpapers.

vivo v11

2. Taking Photos – Taking pictures using a tiny screen won’t allow you to manage all the controls right away. A bigger screen can also enable more access and clearness for the functions on the screen. The Vivo V11’s incredibly slim bezels measuring at just 1.76mm on the sides and 3.8mm at the bottom permit the user to shoot photos like a professional photographer.

vivo v11

3. Watching Films – With a bigger screen and the Halo Fullview Display paired with the 3D curved body design that blends the edges of the phone into the display, it is now possible to have an uninterrupted viewing experience on a super-compact body of a Vivo V11.

vivo v11

4. Superior Gaming Experience – Big screen displays certainly make the excellent game graphics stand out more and also do justice to the magnitude of the game.

5. Video Chatting Experience – Video chatting is the fastest and easiest way to keep in touch with our loved ones. Big screens will be your number one choice for higher quality views and screen experience. The main purpose of video chats is to make one feel that you’re actually there, as if the distance isn’t that far. With the V11’s practical 19.5:9 aspect ratio, exceptionally vibrant colors are within reach.

6. Browsing the Web –  Having a big phone screen is vital when browsing or researching on the Internet, as more screen space and huge fonts to read the text are necessary for efficiency. You can even add two tabs at the same time on one screen through dividing the screen into two parts. Checking social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on your smartphone are now considered normal, as it is like using your own personal computer at any given place and time. Reading updates, seeing posts by friends, and posting an update on social media on a larger screen is always a better user mobile experience.

7. Typing Quicker – If you love to write or chat with friends via several messaging apps, then a big mobile screen is essential, as it will definitely help you to get more speed and prevent mistakes, which are common in using smaller screens.

That’s it! Those are some of the things you can do with the Vivo V11’s immersive display.

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