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Android 9 Pie is now official

Android 9 Pie

Google has finally released and named the next version of Android OS – the Android 9 Pie.

The new OS version is now rolling out on its stable form on supported Google Pixel devices. While android phones from OEMs who were part of the beta program with Google will get their update before the end of fall this year.

The update introduces several new features primarily centered around using machine learning to make your phone smarter. Android 9 helps your phone learn as you use it, by picking up on your preferences and adjusting automatically. Here are some of the new features of Android Pie:


Android 9 Pie

It uses machine learning to prioritize system resources for the apps that user cares about most. The system figures out which apps you use less and cuts off resources to them to make your battery last longer.


Android 9 Pie

Slices can help users perform tasks faster by enabling engagement outside of the full-screen app experience.


Android 9 Pie

It is a new way to raise the visibility of your app and drive engagement. Actions take advantage of machine learning to surface your app to the user at just the right time, based on your app’s semantic intents and the user’s context.


Your phone can identify entities in content or text input to support more types like Dates and Flight Numbers through the TextClassifier API. Smart Linkify lets you take advantage of the TextClassifier models through the Linkify API, including enriched options for quick follow-on user actions.

New system navigation

Android 9 Pie

Android 9 introduces a new system navigation. You can swipe up from anywhere to see full-screen previews of recently used apps and simply tap to jump back into one of them.

Display cutout

Now your app can take full advantage of the latest edge-to-edge screens through display cutout support in Android 9. For most apps, supporting display cutout is seamless, with the system managing status bar height to separate your content from the cutout. If you have immersive content, you can use the display cutout APIs to check the position and shape of the cutout and request full-screen layout around it. To help with development and testing, Google added a Developer Option that simulates several cutout shapes on any device.

Android 9 Pie

Notifications and smart reply

Android 9 makes notifications even more useful and more actionable. Messaging apps can take advantage of the new MessagingStyle APIs to show conversations, attach photos and stickers, and even suggest smart replies.

Text Magnifier

A Magnifier widget improve the user experience of selecting text. It lets users precisely position the cursor or the text selection handles by viewing zoomed text through a draggable pane. You can attach it to any view that is attached to a window, so you can use it in custom widgets or during custom text-rendering. The Magnifier widget can also provide a zoomed-in version of any view or surface, not just text.

Google also added new features in camera, audio, and graphics for a whole new experience. On the camera, Google enables multi-camera API and other camera updates like seamless zoom, bokeh, HDR VP9 Profile 2, and stereo vision.

You cab now also enhanced audio with dynamics processing. The Dynamics Processing API lets you use a new audio effect to isolate specific frequencies and lower loud or increase soft sounds to enhance the acoustic quality of your app.

Not only that, Android 9 Pie also brought new features on connectivity and location like Wi-Fi RTT for indoor positioning. On Android 9 devices with hardware support, location permission, and location enabled, your apps can use RTT APIs to measure the distance to nearby Wi-Fi Access Points (APs).

Android 9 adds Open Mobile API for NFC payments and secure transactions an implementation of the GlobalPlatform Open Mobile API to Android. On supported devices, apps can use the OMAPI API to access secure elements (SE) to enable smart-card payments and other secure services.

Google also improves the app’s performance on the Android 9 Pie OS. Of course this also includes other security measures and improved privacy protection for users.

What do you think about the new Android 9 Pie? Are you excited to experience it on your devices?

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