Home News Sony unveils IMX586, a 48MP sensor for smartphones

Sony unveils IMX586, a 48MP sensor for smartphones

Sony IMX 586

Sony has today presented the IMX586 CMOS Sensor, which is the next smartphone camera sensor with the highest ever pixel count of 48 megapixels.

It looks like we are re-experiencing an old trend: more megapixels in mobile cameras. But while we’ve learned in the past that 10 megapixels are enough, given the size of smartphones, conditions have changed a bit in the modern world. Sensors have become larger and manufacturers can get a little more out of the image.

The sensor, in which the pixels are each 0.8 microns in size is expected to arrive in September, so perhaps, it will be seen in the first models this year.

Sony uses the Quad-Bayer technology, so it goes in the direction of Nokia (PureView) or Huawei (P20 Pro).

Video recordings are possible at 720p up to 480 fps, at 1080p up to 240 fps and at 4K up to 90 fps. 4K with 90 fps offers so far as I know nobody on the market, the maximum is currently 4K with 60 fps. Of course, HDR recordings are possible and all technical details can be found on the source below.

Source: Sony

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