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LG Team-up with Grand Hyatt for World Cup Viewing Experience


LG Philippines and Grand Hyatt hotel have teamed up to give football fans the ultimate World Cup viewing experience. Follow the action as it happens in Russia as Pool House at Grand Hyatt hosts daily viewing events on a giant 86-inch UHD TV from June 11 to July 15. Hotel guests and locals alike can pop into the poolside venue and cheer on their favorite teams without having to pay a fee or making a reservation. You can even literally “dive in” to the fun and watch the planet’s most celebrated sporting tournament unfold while swimming.

Also on view at Pool House for the duration of the 2018 World Cup is the 65-inch 2018 LG OLED TV E8, another TV that’s best for watching footy. Equipped with AI technology and an Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor, LG’s new OLED TV offers rich color, amazing sound, stunning clarity, and a quick motion-handling feature. LG OLED TVs also offer high contrast and perfect black levels, ensuring that you will see every move made on the field in stunning detail.

From left to right: Mr. Bogensperger (Grand Hyatt Manila General Manager), Ms. Ledesma (Grand Hyatt Manila Director of Sales and Marketing), Ms. Ryu (Philalphakor Internation Inc. Di-rector), Mr. An (LG Electronics Philippines VP for Home Entertainment), Mr. Ganser (Grand Hy-att Manila Director of Food & Beverage).

Discover the LG OLED and UHD TVs, and enjoy the “beautiful game” with other football fans at Pool House at the Grand Hyatt. Check to see when your favorite team will be playing, and mark your calendars now.

GROUP STAGE – MATCHDAY 1 OF 3 34 Uruguay vs. Russia Jun 25 10PM
1 Russia vs. Saudi Arabia Jun 14 11PM 35 Iran vs. Portugal Jun 26 2AM
2 Egypt vs. Uruguay Jun 15 8PM 36 Spain vs. Morocco Jun 26 2AM
3 Morocco vs. Iran Jun 15 11PM 37 Australia vs. Peru Jun 26 10PM
4 Portugal vs. Spain Jun 16 2AM 38 Denmark vs. France Jun 26 10PM
5 France vs. Australia Jun 16 6PM 39 Nigeria vs. Argentina Jun 27 2AM
6 Argentina vs. Iceland Jun 16 9PM 40 Iceland vs Croatia Jun 27 2AM
7 Peru vs. Denmark Jun 17 12AM 41 South Korea vs. Germany Jun 27 10PM
8 Croatia vs. Nigeria Jun 17 3AM 42 Mexico vs. Sweden Jun 27 10PM
9 Costa Rica vs. Serbia Jun 17 8PM 43 Switzerland vs. Costa Rica Jun 28 2AM
10 Germany vs. Mexico Jun 17 11PM 44 Serbia vs. Brazil Jun 28 2AM
11 Brazil vs. Switzerland Jun 18 2AM 45 Senegal vs. Colombia Jun 28 10PM
12 Sweden vs. South Korea Jun 18 8PM 46 Japan vs. Poland Jun 28 10PM
13 Belgium vs. Panama Jun 18 11PM 47 England vs. Belgium Jun 29 2AM
14 Tunisia vs. England Jun 19 2AM 48 Panama vs. Tunisia Jun 29 2AM
15 Colombia vs. Japan Jun 19 8PM ROUND OF 16
16 Poland vs. Senegal Jun 19 11PM 49 TBD Jun 30 10PM
17 Russia vs. Egypt Jun 20 2AM 51 TBD Jul 1 10PM
18 Portugal vs. Morocco Jun 20 8PM 52 TBD Jul 2 2AM
19 Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia Jun 20 11PM 53 TBD Jul 2 10 PM
20 Iran vs. Spain Jun 21 2AM 54 TBD Jul 3 2AM
21 Denmark vs. Australia Jun 21 8PM 55 TBD Jul 3 10PM
22 France vs. Peru Jun 21 11PM 56 TBD Jul 4 2AM
23 Argentina vs. Croatia Jun 22 2AM QUARTER-FINALS
24 Brazil vs. Costa Rica Jun 22 8PM 57 TBD Jul 6 10PM
25 Nigeria vs. Iceland Jun 22 11PM 58 TBD Jul 7 2AM
26 Serbia vs. Switzerland Jun 23 2AM 59 TBD Jul 7 10PM
27 Belgium vs. Tunisia Jun 23 8PM 60 TBD Jul 8 2AM
28 South Korea vs. Mexico Jun 23 11PM SEMI-FINALS
29 Germany vs. Sweden Jun 24 2AM 61 TBD Jul 11 2AM
30 England vs. Panama Jun 24 8PM 62 TBD Jul 12 2AM
31 Japan vs. Senegal Jun 24 11PM THIRD PLACE PLAY-OFF
32 Poland vs. Colombia Jun 25 2AM 63 TBD Jul 14 10PM
33 Saudi Arabia vs. Egypt Jun 25 10PM 64 TBD Jul 15 11PM

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