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Jumpu Tsuyoi-S Bluetooth Speaker Review


The best invention since the start of smartphone in the market are compact Bluetooth speakers. These devices are available to deliver musical entertainment in all circumstances. We all know that smartphone stores countless tracks or can stream music from sites, such as Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.

Connecting a smartphone to a Bluetooth speaker ensures good sound, through the wireless connection without a cable, and without loose contacts on the headphone jack. With their built-in rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth speakers are perfect for on the go with sufficient battery life. Now, music enthusiasts will be happy as a new rugged bluetooth speaker recently arrived in the Philippines, the JUMPU Tsuyoi-S Bluetooth Speaker with IP67 water and dust certification.

What’s inside the package:

  • Tsuyoi-S bluetooth speaker
  • micro-USB cable
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • User manual


The packaging consists of a colorful box with the image of the bluetooth speaker. The back will show the complete technical specifications of the device.

Going to the speaker itself, the exterior is very simple but chunkier. Straightforward, the design has an excellent workmanship. The rest of the speaker has a metal screws that prevents the interior from accidentally spilling of water, of which makes the device resistant.

JUMPU Tsuyoi-S has a square design of dimensions of 98 x 50 x 90 mm. Yes, you read it right. With dimensions that are small, to the extent that the size is smaller than the palm of an adult hand. Simple design will make it easier for you to save these speakers while traveling. For the design material, this speaker comes with a plastic body coated with TPU Rubber Coating. This layer makes the speaker can stand upright and not easy to slip on various types of surfaces.

On the left, we have the charging port and the 3.5 mm audio jack. At the right, there’s a strap to carry the speaker.

On the top, we have the 4 buttons, which are well tactile and recognizable by their sign. From left to right: the power button, volume up button, phone key, and the volume down.

Lastly, a screw mount is located at the bottom that can be used to mount the Bluetooth speaker in a tripod or bike.


If the connection is successful, you can hear a short tone sequence. If you insert a 3.5 mm jack cable into the socket, the box switches directly. If the Bluetooth connection is lost, the Bluetooth speaker will switch off after 5 minutes and you will here again some short tone sounds before it shuts down.

The operation is self-explanatory. The power button turns the box on and off. The volume up and volume down keys are pressed to adjust the volume. The Phone key is the Play/Pause button in Music mode. But you also accept phone calls with them and reject.


Usually people will ask on the working distance of the device. Fortunately, our experience about the range of this bluetooth speaker is very good. With a distance of about 8-9 meters, this speaker can still connect to our smartphone device properly. Maybe it will be another story if you’re in a room with many barriers.


Let’s get to the most important point with a loudspeaker. How does the sound performs? So, you will hardly hear any basses due to its design. So nothing for bass fetishists. However, the JUMPU Tsuyoi-S is just fun and plays good due to its high volume. Only the high frequency range is a bit too tinny and cheeky from time to time. But it has the benefits of fun while playing music.


The battery is also somewhat large with its 1500 mAh and should deliver up to 7 hours of music. But as we used the speaker within the past few weeks, it was up to 8 hours. Connected by the 3.5 mm jack you get safely up to 9 hours. Once empty, you’ll have to wait for 3 hours before the battery goes full again.


Is the JUMPU Tsuyoi-S bluetooth speaker recommended? Yes, absolutely. Without ifs and buts, when it comes to handling coupled with good sound. For just under P1,300, you get a very well-made rugged bluetooth speaker which is very handy and the sounds really good. It can be act as your daily companion due to its long battery life.

The JUMPU Tsuyoi-S bluetooth speaker is now available nationwide for a price of P1,290 at all Starmobile kiosks and concept stores.

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