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Darwin’s Top 10 Tech-Related Shopee Wishlist


Shopee is one of the most popular online marketplace for sellers and buyers nationwide. With lots of different items to choose from, Shopee is surely for everyone.

Since I have been using this platform for more than a year now, I am pleased to share with you my current Top 10 Wishlist. So if you are a tech-savvy like me, scroll down and you might find these items interesting.

10. Gorilla Tripod

Gorilla tripod

Octopus Gorilla Tripod – PHP 200.00

Having a tripod will surely save some of your effort when you need it the most. Like for example when recording a performance on stage, you don’t have to hold your phone up to the end of the show plus your video will be steady as compared when you are holding your phone. This gorilla pod is also useful when taking photos, with its octupus-like feet, you can actually place or hang it anywhere.

9. Powerbank

bavin powerbank

BAVIN 18,000mAh Powerbank – PHP 1,100.00

With my very active lifestyle, I am very dependent on my smartphone and other devices that I have everyday. Specially when travelling from Pampanga to Manila for a whole day of event, most of the time, I am running out of battery juice. I’m really glad that I found this one from Shopee. This device can actually charge my phone multiple times.

8. Multi-port charger / socket

bavin 4port charger

BAVIN 4 USB Port Fast Charger – PHP 465.00

bavin 6port 3socket charger

BAVIN 6 USB Ports with 3 Power Socket – PHP 700.00

As a techie person, the number of electronic devices that I use everyday are something cannot be counted by one hand. These muti-port / multi-socket charger and power adaptor are very important for me to have so I can charge all my phones and electronic devices at the same time.

7. External Hard-drive

WD MyPassport 2TB

2TB WD My Passport USB 3.0 External Hard-drive

Now-a-days, flash drives are not enough to store all the files that are important to me. This external hard-drive can surely store all the files that I valued the most, aside from having a back-up on my PC and on the cloud. It is also more convenient when copying games, music, movies, and other multimedia to or from my friends.

6. Techie Bag

TigerNu Bag 17inch

TigerNu 17-inch Anti-thief Backpack – PHP 999.00

This bag has caught my attention because of its key features which are very important for me.  First is the size, this 17-inch bag can fit most laptops specially those for gaming. Another thing I like about it is the numerous number of pockets inside. As a techie person, it is easier for me if I could place the different devices that I have on the dedicated pocket that they must be. And lastly, aside from the design and physical appearance, this bag also has the anti-thief feature so I’m pretty sure that I will be more secure if I have this bag.

5. Action Camera

Xiaomi Action Cam

Xiaomi Action Camera 4K – PHP 5,800.00

This action camera has been on my wishlist since this kind of camera has became popular in the market. Aside from being compact and easy to use, having a wide-angle view on photos or videos are somehow more appealing to my eyes. I also love travelling to different places and sharing a wider perspective to my friends on social media will surely catch their attention quickly.

4. 360 Camera

360 camera

Andoer 360 Degree Video Camera – PHP 4,764.00

Aside from having an action camera, 360 camera is also one of my wishlist item that I want to have specially this summer season. As I travel with different places, I want to share the whole view of the beautiful scenery that I see. And as a blogger, I want my viewers to see everything that is happening during events when I am doing Facebook Live.

3. Smartwatch

Amazfit smartwatch 2

Amazfit Smartwatch 2 – PHP 9,975.00

I want to have this smartwatch to track my very active lifestyle. I am the type of person who walks a lot everyday specially when there are events. This smartwatch has the ability to track my steps and the distance I travel within the day. With it, I can see if I am reaching my daily steps goal or I still have to push my self even further to reach this goal.

2. Laptop

Xiaomi laptop i7

Xiami Mi Notebook Pro 15.6-inch i7 Laptop – PHP 53,400.00

As a blogger, having a laptop with capable specs, portable, and long-lasting battery is one of the most important thing to have. This Xiaomi laptop has just caught my attention for having most of the specifications that I am looking for my blogging buddy.

1. Drone

dji spark drone

DJI Spark Drone – PHP 43,374.00

Having a drone is one of my greatest wish. Since I just graduated from college, I still don’t have the enough money to purchase a great drone like this. Thankfully, Shopee has this Wishlist feature to save and keep track of this item until I have the money to buy it.

Thanks for taking your time reading my Shopee wishlist. Hopefully you’ve found some of the items interesting to you and add them also to your cart or wishlist if your also running out of budget like me.

If you haven’t use the Shopee platform yet, you can visit this link: www.shopee.com.ph or you can also go into the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore and download the Shopee App.