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Grab launches 100-Day campaign to transform drivers, improve service to riders


Grab will roll out initiatives designed to improve driver behaviour and welfare, provide better ride experience, and upgrade customer support in the next 100 days,

“We are directly addressing rider complaints on booking cancellations, driver behavior and pricing, and will make our drivers undergo intensive transformation programs to make them models of road courtesy and public service,” Cindy Toh, Country Marketing Head,  said.

Improving Driver Behaviour and Welfare

Coming from an earlier promise to crack down on driver cancellations, Grab this time around will offer Enhanced Driver Performance Incentives where top performing drivers will be rewarded based on their number of rides, high rating & good passenger feedback.

Grab will also implement an improved Driver Code of Conduct (CoC),  a set of updated rules and regulations that stipulates the tasks and traits of a responsible Grab driver-partner. They must agree and comply with the CoC  to maintain access to the Grab app.

An expanded Grab Driver Academy, complete with modules on road courtesy, customer service and data privacy and social media handling, is also being organized on top of the usual driver onboarding and rehabilitation training services.

Just like passengers, drivers can also enjoy their own Driver Rewards Program and be Platinum, Gold, Silver and Regular members, and be qualified for perks such as discounted gas price, driver lounge and maintenance discounts.  

“Majority of our drivers go above and beyond to serve their passengers. They are our everyday heroes who work tirelessly to bring our passengers to their desired destinations. This is what inspires us. We hope that with these new improvements, our driver-partners will continue to be good and responsible members of the TNVS community and enablers of better journeys,” said Toh.

Better Ride Experience and Upgraded Customer Service

Toh explained, Our aim is to be our passengers’ partner for better trips at all times. We have carefully studied new features that will further enhance our services while ensuring passenger safety on the road.”  

The passengers can expect a cleaner, more intuitive new app interface for iOS and Android by July. With the new home screen, pick-up points can be easily set, and passengers can quickly select their preferred service.  Rewards will also be categorized, making way for easier selection and redemption of offers.

Grab also encourages passengers to use the Help Center to report ride concerns as well as report location issues, particularly pick-up and drop-off points. To ensure quicker resolution for customer concerns, Grab will also scale up its customer service team by partnering with a BPO which will be fully operational by July. Dedicated service lines for passengers, drivers and platinum users will also allow easier access to after-ride services.

With safety as its top priority, Grab will also unveil a new in-app SOS button that connects passengers to 911 and sends SMS to three registered phone numbers in case of emergencies.  

Grab will also announce a Passenger Code of Conduct, a set of rules and regulations that a passenger must respect to be responsible members of the TNVS community.

Better Trips Ahead

“We know that this is not easy. While we cannot change everything overnight, we can assure that the Grab experience will only get better. We thank our passengers and driver-partners for joining us in this journey,”Toh explained.

Toh added that Grab aims to strengthen a culture of transparency and collaboration to create resolutions. With this 100 day plan, Grab will openly address concerns and will be sharing milestones and updates on the 30th, 60th and 100th day of the campaign.

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