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QCY Mini 1 Bluetooth Earphone Review


QCY keeps putting R&D and Innovative Design first to increase its core-competitiveness since the establishment of the brand in 2009. Thanks to Hellotronics, an online gadget retail store, for providing us another audio device to review – join us as we share our experience with the QCY Mini 1.

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What’s inside the package:

  • 1 wireless earbud
  • portable charging case
  • charging cable
  • 2 extra silicone ear caps
  • users manual



The QCY Mini 1 is just half of the size of the QCY Q29 Pro. It fits perfectly in your ears when you wear them. It also has a well-built and compact design, and mostly made of plastic. The color white that we have has a plain color overall except for the two buttons which are color grey.  Components inside are well-placed and you cannot hear anything when you shake it or when you are running.

qcy mini 1 top

At the top, it has two buttons and a small LED light at the center. The upper button with a dot on the center is the MFB or Multi-function Button. The lower button serves as the volume controller.

qcy mini 1 pogo pins

Turning it around, you will see these two dots which are the Pogo Pins for charging the earbud.

qcy mini 1 mic

The Mini 1 also supports answering calls and it has a microphone on the bottom part.



Since the Mini 1 only has one earbud compared to the Q29 Pro, it is much easier to pair and operate. It has an included User’s Manual inside the package.

On its smaller form factor, it is very comfortable to wear, light-weight, and it doesn’t hurt your ears.

The earbud has a magnet inside that why it is very easy to put back into its charging case.


The QCY Mini 1 was powered by Bluetooth 4.1. It is very easy to connect and it can operate within the span of 10 meters.


The Mini 1 only produce Mono type of music since it is only a single earbud. Basically, it works just like what we see most car drivers used to wear when they are driving.

In terms of sound quality, the Mini 1 is more of a treble compared to the Q29 Pro where you can easily distinguish that it has a bass into it. And because of this, it is slightly better during voice call as compare to the Q29 Pro.



This single earbud can last for an average of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Recharging the earbuds on its portable charging case will take an average of 2 hours. This is quit longer compared to the Q29 Pro which only takes around 20 minutes to recharge both earbuds.

Its case, which also serves as a powerbank, can recharge the earbuds for up to 5 times!

Charging the case using a wall adapter with 5V||2A will take an average of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

We also like to commend the very good light indicators installed on this device. The charging case has an animated light indicator where you can easily distinguish when the case is running out of battery.


The QCY Mini 1 is a good audio device for people who loves listening to music but still want to hear what’s happening around them. Just like what we have mentioned above, this is a perfect tool for drivers specially when they are driving and someone is calling. It has a modern-looking and a small form factor which is just right for people who have active lifestyle. This might not be the one for you if you are looking for a deeper bass when listening to your favorite songs. But if you are one of the individuals that we have mentioned earlier, you might consider the QCY Mini 1 on your list.

The QCY Mini 1 will be available on Hellotronics online stores soon.

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