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QCY Q29 Pro Bluetooth Earphones Review

q29 pro

Say goodbye to wires and say hello to the QCY Q29 Pro – a real wireless earphones that will surely fits into your daily lifestyle.

The Q29 Pro has two wireless Bluetooth-enabled earbuds that can be plug perfectly in your ears without any wires attached to them. It also comes with a portable case which also serves as a charging dock whenever you return the earbuds inside it. Sounds cool right?

What’s inside the package:

  • 2 wireless earbuds
  • portable charging case
  • 4 extra silicone ear caps
  • users manual


q29 pro

The Q29 Pro has a compact and a well-built design. It is mostly made up of plastic but it still manage to survive accidental falls even on hard concrete floors. The components inside of it are compact enough for you to hear no unwanted sounds specially when you are running.

It comes with three different sizes of silicone ear caps for you to choose which best fit into your ears.

q29 pro mfb

At the top, it has a glossy cap with the QCY logo which also serves as a Multi-function Button (MFB).

q29 pro pin

Turning the earphone around, you will see these two Pogo Pins which are used as the charging port of the earphones when they placed into the charging dock.

q29 pro mic

It also has microphone on the other side for you easily answer calls during music playback.


Using these earphones for the first time requires them to know each other first before connecting them to your smartphone. It has an included instructions inside the box and you can finish it for less that a minute.

When you want to use them, simply take them out, then turn ON the Bluetooth on your phone. Hold the MFB of the earbuds (R) for 2seconds and it will automatically pair if you have already paired it before. You will hear a prompt saying that it has been successfully connected with your phone and you will see that the Bluetooth icon on the Status Bar has now a battery icon into it which also shows the remaining juice of the earbuds.

They are very comfortable to wear and it seems like as if they wasn’t there. They are also light-weight and they don’t hurt your ears even after few hours of wearing them.


The Q29 Pro are powered by Bluetooth version 4.2 that enables faster data transmission. It can operate within 10 meters of range just in case you unintentionally walked away from the device where you are connected.

It can also operate in Mono (single earbud) or Stereo modes (both earbuds).


These earphones are being able to deliver average listening experience. The volume is loud enough for you to ignore normal ambient sounds but you will feel in-need of a higher volume specially when riding an ordinary bus because you will still hear the horns of the vehicles around.

The bass quality is acceptable for most average users but other audiophiles might crave for deeper bass.

Call quality is also good. I can hear the person talking to me clearly and loud enough.


q29 pro

Each earbud has 43mAh battery capacity inside them. Using both earbuds in their maximum volume will give your an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes of use. While using them at around 80% volume will give you an average of 3 hours and 30 minutes of music playback.

Since it has a portable case which also serves as a charging dock, it only takes an average of 20 minutes to recharge both earbuds and they are good to give you another round of music playback. The 220mAh battery capacity stored inside the case can recharge both earbuds for 2 times.

Charging the case using a wall adapter having an output of 5V||2A, will last for an average of 2 hours.


The QCY Q29 Pro is a real deal for most people who loves listening to music. It is very easy to use and you don’t need to worry about those wires to tangle anywhere. For the price of around Php1,800 (vary from sellers), it manages to deliver justifiable listening experience. We also love the fact that it has a case which also serves as a powerbank, although we feel that charging the earbuds for only 2 times is not enough specially for long road trips.

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