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Huawei Nova 2i Now Get Face Unlock and Lens AR Features


A recent update has just rolled out to all Huawei Nova 2i users with a size of 805MB. This update does not only contain Google security patches but also the Face Unlock and Lens AR features.


After installing, you can find the Face Unlock under the Fingerprint ID on Settings. Registering you face is very easy. All you need to do put your face inside the circle and when its done recognizing you face, you can now control whether you want to automatically unlock the phone after face unlock or you still want to slide to open the phone. The face unlock feature is indeed helpful specially if you phone is on the table and you want to unlock it without picking it up. Although it is not as fast as from the other brands but hopefully it could get better in the next update.

Aside from the Face Unlock, a new Lens AR effects are added on the camera. As you can see on the screenshots above, you can now use emoji on the rear camera and add backgrounds on the front camera.

After all, there is still one question left behind – is the Huawei Nova 2i compatible with the A.I. technology? What do you think guys?