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[CES 2018] Vivo’s In-screen Fingerprint Scanner


After Qualcomm released a processor that support fingerprints under the display, Vivo takes it seriously. And at the CES 2018, they have shown a smartphone prototype which actually has this in-screen fingerprint scanner.


The scanner was placed below the glass panel and the OLED screen. The type of screen display used in this smartphone prototype is OLED because the this is the only screen display that can illuminate the user’s finger for the sensor to capture its fingerprint while it is on the screen.

Even though we have seen the whole phone, the overall design might still chance since it is just a prototype. Mean while, Alex Feng, Senior VP at Vivo, said in a press release the solution is solving the industry’s challenge of providing a more convenient authentication experience. The phone is ready for mass production and should be announced in “early 2018”.