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Globe At Home’s Go Unli Home Internet Returns


With the astounding growth of smartphones and laptops in the country comes a strong demand of home internet plans. Known local ISPs (internet service providers) has double even triple their internet speeds and maintaining the same price.

A few years ago, Globe Telecom imposed a data cap on their internet services in which according to them, will maintain the quality of their services. Some Globe subscribers did not like the new plans and switched ISP.

Now Globe At Home, Globe Telecom’s home broadband service relaunched Go Unli Internet. It starts with Plan 1699 with 5Mbps up to Plan 2800 with 100Mbps. All plans have no data cap and comes with the following services:

  • 6 months free Netflix
  • 6 months free Disney
  • 2 monrhs free HOOQ
  • free landline
  • unlimited calls to Globe/TM

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