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Huawei P20 Line-ups Leaked


The Huawei P10 successor will not be called P11 but P20. These latest schematics show not only two but 3 models under the said P20 line-ups – these are the base model P20, the P20 Plus, and the P20 Pro.

The leaked pictures show not only three models but also the visible three cameras on each devices. Each model has different tri-cam orientation on the back. The P20 and the P20 Plus has the same front panel just like what we saw on the Mate 10 but the P20 Pro has a top notch similar to the iPhone X.

As of this moment, we still don’t have any news regarding the specifications of the phone and the way how these tri-cam will function. Some articles suggest that these cameras can work together to produce a 40MP resolution photo and enable 5x “hybrid zooming”. We are looking forward to see these devices on this upcoming CES 2018 this weekend. So stay tuned.

Source – Weibo