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Twitter Now Supports Third-party Apps for Two-factor Authentication


Twitter has already added two-factor authentication way back 2013, and while it works fine, it’s continued to lack support for third-party apps year after year. Thankfully, now at the end of 2017, this is finally changing.

Up until now, Twitter’s login verification process has only been able to send authentication codes via SMS. This is still more secure than not having two-factor authentication enabled at all, but the SMS messages are prone to being intercepted by people other than you.


Using two-factor authentication with a third-party app adds an even greater layer of security and codes that are sent to you automatically disappear after 30 seconds to ensure that you and only you can gain access to your account.

Supported apps include the likes of Google Authenticator, Authy, and 1Password, and turning on this feature is pretty simple.

  1. Tap your profile icon, go to Account, and then Security
  2. Text Message will be enabled as your default authentication method – tap review your login verification methods
  3. Enter and confirm your password
  4. Tap Set up -> Mobile security app -> Start
  5. Verify your password once more if asked
  6. Scan the QR code that pops up, follow the instructions, and then enter the 6-digit security code