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LinkedIn and Microsoft bring AI to Job-seekers


LinkedIn and Microsoft Word recently launched their partnership to help job-seekers connect to opportunities with the launch of Resume Assistant.

The new feature in Microsoft Word will help Office 365 subscribers craft compelling resumes with personalized insights powered by LinkedIn. With over 80% of resumes created in Word, Resume Assistant helps job seekers showcase accomplishments, be more easily discovered by recruiters, and see relevant job opportunities on LinkedIn that are personalized for them.

With this integration, you can:

  • Get inspiration from successful professionals like you 
    After you input your desired role and industry, Resume Assistant will pull LinkedIn insights from millions of member profiles so you can see diverse examples of how professionals in that role describe their work.
  • Build connections and showcase the right skills for the job you want
    Within Resume Assistant, you can see the skills other successful professionals in your desired role and industry have, so you can add them if applicable. It’s also never been easier to improve yourself as a candidate. If you see a job posting or suggested skill in Resume Assistant you can take a course on LinkedIn Learning to strengthen your chances of getting hired.
  • Discover your next job 
    Within Resume Assistant you’ll also see relevant job listings from LinkedIn’s 11 million+ active job openings to jump start your search. Along with job openings, you’ll see details of what the job requires, helping you to tailor your resume to a specific role.

Resume Assistant has started rolling out to Microsoft Insiders on Windows and will be generally available to Office 365 subscribers in the coming months.