Home Gadgets Hands-on: Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi Router from Evoluzn Philippines

Hands-on: Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi Router from Evoluzn Philippines


Enjoy ultra-fast LTE connection at home, no installation needed with the Smart Bro LTE Home Wifi Router.

This new prepaid home wifi router is very suitable for those who don’t want paying monthly bills for their internet connection. It has a regular SIM card slot where you can insert your prepaid SIM. All you have to do is to load it up and register on your prefer internet surfing promo and you are good to go.

SMART Bro LTE Home WiFi Router (FX-ID3) Specs:

  • speed up to 42Mbps
  • can support up to 10 WiFi users
  • LTE 700MHz-ready for better indoor coverage in selected areas
  • it has ethernet port for wired connection to your PC
  • it can also be mounted on the wall

As mentioned above, it also supports 700MHz LTE connectivity. The 700MHz spectrum is the highest-quality wireless frequency so far.

“This spectrum travels longer distances, requires fewer cell towers and penetrates through building walls, elevators, and even through to underground parking lot.” – James More

You can get this device for only Php 1,995 at any Smart store with free 10 GB data allocation for 7 days or you can also avail this under Smart Bro Postpaid Plan starting from Plan 499 to Plan 999. Visit this link to know more > Smart Bro Home WiFi Plan


In terms of coverage, this wifi router has a wider area or distance coverage than the pocket wifi. It is optimized for home usage which results to better signal even behind thick walls.

Sample speed test during its best signal (LED blue)

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