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Picooc Smart Body Analyzer Quick Review


You normally visit our site to check out the latest in gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, games, etc. But this time, we managed to do a quick walkthrough of a device we have never seen before.

This is the Picooc Smart Body Analyzer. It a smart weighing scale by not getting your body weight, it analyzes your body. Picooc is a China-based company that makes smart health devices just like this body analyzer.

The Smart Body Analyzer works as a weighing scale only if you don’t connect the device into a smartphone. It also needs four AAA batteries to work.On your smartphone, you have to download the Picooc app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once downloaded you just need to  sign up an account or just link your Facebook or Google account and it instantly creates a Picooc account.Then turn on your Bluetooth and the device automatically connects to your phone. Just follow the instructions once it is connected.

You need to be barefoot in order for the device to analyze fully. You have to take good care of the device because it is made of glass and it is quite heavy too.

The Picooc Smart Body Analyzer can monitor 11 body indexes – weight, body fat, muscles, visceral fat, BMI, BMR, body water, bone mass, protein, body type, body age.


With these body indexes, the device can set a target if you wish to reduce weight and even suggest activities to do. Using the Smart Body Analyzer frequently can monitor your progress.

The Picooc Smart Body Analyzer is now available for P2,999 while a smaller version is also available for P1,999. You can grab one via Lazada and Mega One stores. It will be also available soon on Mercury Drug branches.