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Hands-on: SMART Bro LTE Pocket WiFi from Evoluzn Philippines


Experience ultra-fast connection on your smartphones, tablets, and other WiFi devices with Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi.


This latest pocket wifi from Smart Bro is made by Evoluzn Philippines. Aside from having LTE connectivity, they also upgraded the unit to support 700MHz LTE for better indoor coverage (in selected areas).


SMART Bro LTE Pocket WiFi (FX-PR3L) Specs:

  • speed up to 42Mbps
  • can support up to 5 WiFi users
  • up to 32GB microSD card support
  • 2000mAH removable battery
  • LTE 700mHz-ready for better indoor coverage in selected areas

The Smart Bro pocket wifi is also available via Smart Plan starting from Plan 299 up to Plan 999. Visit this link to know more > Smart Bro LTE Pocket WiFi Plan


Compared to their older pocket wifi, Evoluzn FX-PR2L, the Evoluzn FX-PR3L now comes in a portrait-look body. It is also equipped with Marvell 1802 Quad-core operating system and it now has a slightly larger and better display.

Its been two weeks now since we started using the pocket wifi. Its a nice alternative to your mobile data since wifi usage is less battery-consuming than mobile data. Plus, you can also share you internet connection to your friends. Nice thing about it, you don’t need to dictate your password specially if you are in a public area, all you have to do is press the power button twice and your password will appear on the display along with the SSID and SIM number.

In terms of speed, the device is capable of providing fast and reliable internet connection specially if you are in a place where there is a good signal from Smart.


In addition, Evoluzn Philippines has just released a new software upgrade for the FX-PR3 (version 10). To update your device, head to this link > pr3ps.evoluzn.com

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