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AppCoins: The New Protocol for the App Economy


The virtual currency has been a constant source of interest and confusion since it drive itself into the mainstream more than 10 years ago.

Bitcoin is one example of cryptocurrency which value has been tremendously increased since it has been first introduced as a digital currency. Today, a 1 Bitcoin (1 XBT) is can be converted to more than $5000(US) or around Php 250,000! Just WoW!


Now when it comes to the app market, Aptoide App Store wanna change the way of transactions inside app stores. By using the Blockchain technology, it will be the new universal language for the app economy. Aptoide App Store introduces an open and distributed protocol for the app store – this is Appcoins.

AppCoins protocol is the language that app stores, developers and manufacturers can openly speak.

The app economy has three main problems:

1. Advertising is inefficient. It relies on many ad-tech middlemen, increasing the cost of user acquisition for app developers, reducing transparency and generating fraud in transactions.

2. Monetization and IAP are not accessible to a large group of users and are costly. IAPs rely on payment methods and flows that are not accessible to many users, especially in emerging markets where the transactions costs are high, with significant margins being taken by payment processors and other fin-tech middlemen.

3. The app approval process is not transparent. App approval is a complex process that currently is being handled by centralized stores with complex quality assurance flows and relying on arbitrary app distribution policies.

AppCoins is the solution. It is an open and distributed protocol for app stores based on the Ethereum blockchain, using the ERC20 standard. It proposes to move the following three critical flows to the blockchain: advertising, in-app billing and app approvals.

source: [Appcoins: Medium]


This new cryptocurrency will benefit the following:

  • Developers – by having a transparent and efficient way to monetize their apps. It will also create a centralize reputation across app stores.
  • Users – will have a more trusted environment with new purchasing possibilities. They will also have the chance to earn AppCoins whenever they install a specific app.
  • App Stores – will have a new app economy with a universal language that ensures trust without intermediaries.

The emergence of this new technology is exciting and amazing. Now if you feel that investing into the Bitcoin market is somehow difficult since its value has grown a lot, you might consider investing into the AppCoins this coming November 6th 2017.

Everyone is welcome to buy AppCoin tokens. A single person can actually buy a minimum of 100 tokens for only $10 USD and 50,000 tokens for $5000 USD. Just imagine how Bitcoin started and look at its value today. We know how you feel about having the chance to buy a Bitcoin the time it was started. But today, AppCoins is giving you the same possibility as Bitcoin before.

See their Pre-Sale here >>> AppCoins Token Pre-Sale

Now its your time to decide whether to invest now or repent at the end.

“Parang Networking lang to mga tsong! Haha 🙂 #Power!”

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