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Starmobile annd Smart Joined Forces for the “Milleniors”


Filipino tech brand Starmobile partnered with Smart Communications for its barangay technology education program for “millenniors.” A play on the words “millennials”, who are known to be tech savvy, and “seniors,” the program aims to teach technology to the elderly.

For many of them, taking selfies, posting on Facebook, and chatting over Messenger are not just fun – these activities keep them in touch with their children and grandchildren, many of whom they don’t always get to see or speak with.

The launch session, launched in partnership with Adamson University, taught the seniors about the basics of smartphones and mobile data, and helped them join Facebook.

Members of Smart’s Public Affairs team led the lecture, while student-volunteers from Adamson University’s Computer Science department and Adamson’s Integrated Community Extension Services sat with the elders to assist them in navigating their smartphones.

They used Starmobile devices, including PLAY and UP series smartphones which are designed for first-time users and large-screen ENGAGE tablets for users who prefer larger fonts and images.