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HP Z8 With 8TB RAM and 48TB Storage Announced


How much RAM do you have in your smartphone, laptop, or even in your PC at home? Two Gigabytes? Four Gigabytes? 8 Gigabytes? 16 GB or even 32 GB? Are these capacity enough to support your multi-tasking needs? Well, if you still need of an “ultimate” workstation, you might want to check these new products from HP.

HP has just launched their powerful workstations for solid and serious software users out there. These are the Z-series Workstation which includes the most poweful Z8, followed by the Z6 and the Z4.

The World’s Most Powerful Workstation


Yes, you read it right! The HP Z8 Workstation can handle up to 8 TB of RAM and 48 TB of Storage. It can easily handle massive data sets with 24 memory slots.


Not only that, it also equipped with 56-cores dual Intel Xeon CPUs and 3 NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics cards.


Other specs include Thunderbolt 3 (optional), Dual 1GbE Ports for high bandwidth data transfer, USB 3.1 Type C ports, a new internal design with improved air flow for cooling, a 1700W power supply, and 9 PCIe slots.


But if the Z8 is too much for you, the Z6 offers up to 384 GB of memory, and the Z4 can pack 256GB of RAM and a single Xeon CPU.

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